Progress report: Reading Geek

Claire Thompson, Reading Geek NightI took the plunge and took the stage at Reading Geek Night last week. It was probably (consciously) a little soon to be speaking about The Care Locker, but there was already a talk on the NHS that night and it never hurts to ask for help in a room full of very clever geeks, many of who will have the development experience and skills that I, personally, lack. I can’t wait for my co-presenter’s slides to be up – a fantastic talk on how the NHS is structured. (‘Complex’ sums it up.)

Reading Geek Night produces an amazing crowd, I loved being there, and can only thank organiser Simon Morris (whose photo I pinched, so I hope he’ll forgive me!) for giving me the opportunity. I don’t get there nearly enough!

The Care Locker’s ideas and planning withstood the questioning ‘tests’, and confirmed the route I’m taking. I’m always touched by how much the care issue deeply affects so many people. There’s a real passion for making this happen, and I have a handful of business cards to follow up on.

A major thank you go to both Simon and to the incredibly patient  were a test bed for an audience participation game. (And to my youngest son who was dragged there unwillingly, but who loved the whole thing!)

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