Unexpected barriers?

chess piecesThe whole premise of the Care Locker is that we are based around technology making life better.

This isn’t always easy to balance correctly. On every seesaw one end rises, the other falls – as something rises, something else falls out of favour, more so in the fickle world of tech than most. I’m doing a lot of soul searching.

But the one thing I had never thought of as a handicap was my age. I’m really not that old, even. I’m bouncing with enthusiasm, have experience in digital and in the care sector, so what’s not to love? Well, apparently, being outside of London is an issue (been there, done that – overrated!), and so is being over 35.

I object! Strongly, your honour! Isn’t it about time we took the blinkers off?

On my ‘day’ blog, I’ve written a post: How old is a tech entrepreneur? I’d love your thoughts on this!


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