Not so tech averse?

All the studying I did before starting off on The Care Locker trail suggested that ‘care workers’ are technology laggards. I wasn’t so sure. We all wander around with personal technology and I think the surveys were probably done by people who enjoy tech challenges, who don’t have any problem programming their TV consoles and use every function on their phones. Merer mortals in the real World would love the time luxury to sit and work it all out, but between work and the sunshine outside….

My optimism seems shared by respondents to The Care Locker survey show that 100% would be happy to have an app on their smart phone if it helped them take bookings – and as this flies in the face of ‘received wisdom’, I’m surprised.

But of course, the sample’s not representative, running into tens, not thousands, of responses.

I’m also delighted that a significant proportion would consider buying shares in The Care Locker, and an eagerness for involvement, which were  the reasons for starting The Care Locker – allowing  care professionals a better say.

Some of the problems people have highlighted with the use of agency staff are things we have built in ways of addressing, and I have a lot of ideas about the other things we can do. But I can’t do them all, and The Care Locker’s not about my ideas. It’s about the people we’ll be working with.

So if you’re a care professional and haven’t completed the survey yet, or know someone who is and would like a say, the invitation to complete the survey, to have a voice and shape the service, is here: Care workers’ survey.

Your view matters to me. So thank you!

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