Mad Hatters Tea – and Coffee – Party

Picking any one charity to support in an organisation like The Care Locker  is impossible. It’s tempting for me to move away from anything related to people and just pick an animal or environmental charity to adopt.

macmillan-coffee-morning We’re working on developing an events page, where anyone can enter ‘weeks of action’ and events as part of our main site when it goes live. If you have suggestions for this, do please let me know. Initial thoughts are that we want people to be able to search by both topic/charity and region. Anything else? What’s important to you?

Meanwhile, because I’ve held Macmillan Coffee Mornings before and love cake (even if my waistline rebels) this year The Care Locker is involved with a Macmillan coffee morning with a difference.

On Friday October 2 at GROW@Green Park (10 am to 5pm-ish), there’s going to be a Mad Hatter’s Tea – and Coffee – Party.  And it’s going to be great! Entertainment on a stage. Talks and workshops in the board room. Stalls with games and entertainment- and tea, coffee and cake, of course!

There are loads of ways to be involved:  Macmillan Mad Hatters – get involved.

Even if you’re not there, we hope you’ll support us.

Macmillan nurses do a tough job. All of us react differently to cancer diagnoses, and as one in three of us can expect to be affected by cancer in some way, they do an amazing job.

We’re going to have some fun fundraising, and hope you’ll join us – virtually if not in person.

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