Progress report

I know, I know, it’s been a while. But don’t think that’s because I’ve been doing nothing.
• The service offering that I initially planned has been adjusted hugely on the basis of feedback and practicality.
• I’m close to getting fantastic call centre back up appointed so that we can offer 24/7 support to our care staff and our customers.
• Funding looks like it will be here in a week or two.
• My personal DBS check came through. It took a matter of days – I’m really impressed at how fast this service has become. For The Care Locker this will make a massive difference as we’ll be able to get registered staff placed far faster than ever before.
• I’ve been persuaded to launch later and smaller than I wanted. There are several reasons for this that I’m happy to share if anyone wants to know, but I’m moving launch date to Easter next year, and we will launch in the south of England. (I know the area and can get to places quickly if needed.)

Photo ©John Cassidy, The Headshot Guy 07768 401009

Photo ©John Cassidy, The Headshot Guy 07768 401009

For me personally this has been a voyage of discovery. Although common perceptions are that there is little innovation in the sector, the ways that councils organise care is hugely different, even sometimes within the same region, and as we get bigger it’s an area I’d love to explore more.

Changes in care legislation have been coming through thick and fast, and staying abreast of what’s law and what’s just proposals has been a time suck. The latest discussions on councils and care charges are bound to have a further impact on care homes and care workers alike as residential care continues to offer a hotel-like experience with care and medical expertise thrown in, but for around a quarter of the price of a hotel. The pressures on the sector are enormous – I’m sincerely hoping the Care Locker will help.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s contacted me about The Care Locker. From ‘whistle blowers’ who care passionately about great care to staff who want a fairer deal, from concerned care units who saw a previous similar system fail to people who’ve been contacted by a competitor with no checks on their suitability whatsoever, it’s really shaped what The Care Locker will look like.

I must apologise for not having stayed more closely in touch. As a single mum (aka cook, cleaner and taxi driver) with teenage boys, running my existing business (because those boys don’t stop eating just because I’m working on a new business, and in any case, I love it), like most of us I need a time Tardis. I resolve to do better.

I hope this serves as an interim report. More soonest. Claire

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