Wanted: crack development team, UK based

I am looking for a development team to partner with,  to take The Care Locker to its next stage – back end development.

The Care Locker is, at its core, an online care agency, providing regular and relief staff to care settings across England (extending to the rest of the UK later). By automating the parts if agency work that add no value, we expect to deliver a better quality, faster service than others, cutting out costs to ensure better pay for our care staff and a better, cheaper service to care settings. It’s a big plan with a big heart.

So what are we looking for?

Partnering  is the key word in the above. You will be key to the delivery if the business, not just a ‘code monkey’. I mnow it’s overused, but a better one escapes me!

At the back end, under the bonnet, is a system based on great data management and complex algorithmic search for matching, integrated with third party applications for things like billing and payroll (although these may come in house over time). It has mobile at its heart, although it will be delivered actoss numerous platforms.

Having had experience of working with overseas development teams, I’m keen to find a UK based team, although if you choose to develop code overseas to obtain the right skill sets, and manage it yourselves, all well and good. However, our IP and security need closely protecting – it’s what the business is based on and core to our success, so any development must be completely transparent.

Ideally the developer(s) will have experience of government type developments or dating/holiday type applications. (We’ll be matching caring staff with the places that need them.) The system will be mobile first.

You will be reporting to an experienced project manager, and as a key business delivery partner will have a strong say in what happens. We expect a lot of fun along the way.

Our contract will be for development – the IP will remain with The Care Locker although equity share will be automatic. This will not affect what you are paid – although I’m happy to share business plans, I know you’ll have had hundreds of ‘uber for…..’ businesses asking you to work for free because it will make you rich. But I want you to have a stake in what you’re delivering, because I want the very best you can give.

I believe The Care Locker will be a success. The numbers stack and our roll out, over three years, looks healthy, achievable and profitable, as well as bringing positive change to the sector.

We are currently pre-funding and pre-revenue.  We will be  looking at funding options imminently and want our partner in place for clarity with investors about what they’re buying into and what our real costs are, as well as for ensuring that we are ready to push the ‘go’ button ASAP. (There is a small pot of existing funding available to get startef.)

At this stage we are looking for credentials in order to select a partner. From credentials, we will shortlist one to receive the full business flowcharts, confidentially, in order to supply more accurate costings for our business plan. These don’t need to be fancy – substance will be more important than style. Even just an email with details of past work and a couple of URLs is good enough!

If you have the experience and are excited by developing a system to the highest standards, one that will have a huge impact on the delivery of health services in the UK, please contact me  (Claire Thompson, CEO) on email claire  at carelocker.co.uk, or telephone 07771 817015.

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