Care professionals, register now

We’re now launching in Berkshire.

By offering staff better rates and conditions than most care agencies and more transparency to the ’employer’, The Care Locker aims to offer the best possible agency staff to care units (homes, wards, care settings).

We’re doing this by investing in technology to cut the wasteful bits of agencies, speed the process and reward our best staff based on facts not favourites – although our customers in care settings will, we hope, regard our staff as their favourites. Our use of technology should mean we get the best available staff to them faster, and in a far safer way.

There’s also the opportunity for care professionals to have a far greater say in how The Care Locker service develops. Meaning we share and ‘lock in’ great care practise.

There’s no cost or obligation once you register  as a care professional with The Care Locker. And you can choose to offer us anything from a couple of hours to months – agency flexibility, but without the agency waste.

Whether from Berkshire or elsewhere, you can now register your interest in working as a Care Locker professional now, and we’ll get back to you to formally register.

All Care Locker professionals will need at least two years experience and can only be deployed once your two most recent employers have returned references. Naturally you’ll also be DBS checked.

Register here:

And if you need to know more, do look us up on Facebook or give us a call.

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