The Care Locker for Volunteer Carers

We will be allowing volunteers to sign up through the Care Locker for work – either generally or at a specific unit.

Our CEO used to visit her grandfather in a care home, travelling half the country to see him, for him to, generally, fall asleep after a few minutes, leaving her to wander around for a while before returning. She would gladly have made herself useful at the care home, but without the necessary checks, and advance notice of her arrival, there was nothing that she could do to be useful, beyond chatting to other residents.

So a few months after launch, The Care Locker will be working with care units and be allowing volunteers to sign up using The Care Locker’s system. We’ll run the necessary DRB checks so that there’s little or no cost to the care unit you’ll volunteer at.

If you want us to keep you informed of our progress specifically with regard to volunteering your work and time, please let us have your name and email address. Please note that it could be a while before we are able to offer this service:

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