The Care Locker for managers in care settings

The Care Locker is a new online care platform, expected to launch towards the end of 2015.

We are keen to make life a lot easier for managers in care settings, with an online care agency at it’s core.

The Care Locker is designed to make finding agency staff faster, more compliant, better quality and easier to work with, by recruiting the very best care staff, and helping keep their standards high, and qualifications and training up to date.

We will serve our members anywhere that’s responsible for the delivery of care, from sheltered housing to medical wards, from nurseries to secure institutions, provided that they are registered with the Care Quality Commission.

We understand that two things are scarce for managers: time and money. So we’re planning all sorts of things to help, including, in addition to providing ‘agency staff’:

  • making our system available to you (free) for scheduling your own ‘bank’ staff
  • having an efficient, transparent pricing system
  • membership benefits to save you time and money
  • a say in how The Care Locker is run.

We want you to love The Care Locker as much as we love what we’re doing . Do contact us if you would like to know more about membership.

Get Involved

If you’d like updating on what’s happening with The Care Locker (no more than one communication each month), simply pass us your name and details and we’ll add you to our list (which will ONLY be used for these updates):

If you can spare us a few moments to complete a questionnaire regarding your needs, to make sure we serve our members well, we’d be grateful:

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