Volunteer vacancies: Bridge Builders

There is huge difference between being a full time member of staff and arriving somewhere as a temporary staff member.

The balance can sometimes be uncomfortable:

  • as carers, we can see things that could be done better, but don’t necessarily have the full picture to know what’s appropriate/ why things are done a certain way in the places we visit to work
  • From a care unit/setting perspective, if someone is with us for just a few days – or hours, there is a practical limit to the time/training investment we can realistically make
  • Staff need to ‘hit the ground running’ – that takes a special skill
  • Patients/ residents/ visitors and their friends and family aren’t always lovely to us! They may resent a change, or just be too tired to care.

Hearts and hands


As representatives of The Care Locker, our team members deserve the best chance of success – from a smile on arrival and punctuality to more complex challenges, we want to identify what really matters.

We already have someone in mind to lead this internal initiative, and would love other interested parties to join her and have a say.

Our short term aims are:

  • To identify what helps a temporary care worker integrate quickly, from the information we give in advance to behaviours on site
  • To identify what actions care units can take to get the very best out of their temporary workers
  • To identify the issues care units face when using temporary staff and feed responses into our induction training
  • To see what issues care workers are encountering (resistance to change, racism, sexism) from patients and families, and offer strategies to support
  • To establish a structure/process that makes this initiative work.

Our medium term aims are:

  • To recommend and produce resources/advice guides to help our care workers and customers
  • To learn which questions need asking of staff/care units to offer the best chances of success.

Our long term goal is:

  • To create a resource where staff can raise issues and questions, calling upon the advice of others in the frontline for tactics that have worked for them
  • To identify and commission/create appropriate training materials
  • To create regular reviews
  • To become known as the care resource of preference based on the ability of our staff to integrate and add positive value to both our customers and to the people in their care

We believe there’s a real payback for this voluntary work – involvement will look great to future employers and could play a crucial role in the development of better relations between care staff and their employers. Some of what we discover will be made publicly available for all care workers to benefit from.

Once trading we hope to find a good budget for materials reflecting our learnings.

Anyone interested in taking a shaping role  – from any care setting or role in a caring professi0n –  should contact our CEO, email Claire [at] carelocker.co.uk, or give us a call using the details on our ‘contact us’ page.